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2022 Christmas Tree Prices

  • 5-6 Foot Frasier Firs,  $100 each 

  • 8-12 foot Frasier Firs - $175-$200 

  • 6-8 foot Frasier Firs -  $120 each

  • 6-8 Foot Canaan Firs -  $110 each

  • Frasier Fir Wreaths -  $30 each        


All of our trees come from a family-owned tree farm in New York and all of the profits from our sale go to charities in Fairfax County.

We only accept cash or personal checks (no credit cards).

Merry Christmas!

*Tree/wreath inventory is updated at the end of each day.  It may not reflect the actual numbers when you arrive.

2022 Prices: Welcome
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